Monday, January 25, 2010

Four ultralight backpacking cook sets

A 24-ounce beer pot shortened to 16-ounce capacity by Tinny and a Klasslite alcohol stove. Tinny also modified the Ziploc containers to hold the kit.

An Ultralight Outfitters Esbit stove for 24-ounce beer pot and an SSbit alcohol stove that can take the place of the Esbit tabs. I modified Ziploc containers to hold/protect the kit.

A Snowpeak 600 mug with aftermarket lid by Jason Klass and a folding Tibetan titanium Esbit burner/stand (I used alcohol in a tea light tin deformed to fit the Esbit holder instead). Kit also includes a cozy.

An MSR .85 liter titanium kettle and a Mini-atomic alcohol stove. In my opinion, the Titan kettle is the perfect vessel to use with the Mini-atomic and the combo is quite fast at reaching a boil. Kit also includes a hardware cloth pot stand, cozy, tea light tin for simmering and measuring cups for alcohol and water.

All kits include windscreen, towel and lighter.


  1. Cool, you have a lot of the same pots and stove I have. Great minds think alike!

  2. Yep, good taste in stoves! I really like the shortened Foster's pot by Tinny and I'm a fan of the Ultralight Outfitters Esbit stove too.

    By the way, I really like your photography. Very powerful stuff. Keep posting!

  3. Thats awesome! I love the ingenuity! I just got an evernew alcohol stove that I love, but I still want to try and make one myself.